Travel Day

We had a few hours for some bike rides in Chiang Mai before flying to Phuket. Our flight was on Air Asia, Asia’s top discount airline. It’s a great Malaysia-based airline that flies all over Asia at highly discounted prices. Once you get to Asia, air travel is quite cheap. I had heard a lot of about Air Asia, but now that I’ve used it I’m more inclined to bounce around a bit more on future Asia trips.

A two hour flight from Chiang Mai (so glad I don’t have to get back on that train) to Phuket took us to the beach for the first time. We first made a much-anticipated visit to the pool with the accompanying waterslides (pictures later of this). It didn’t disappoint. Then we made our way to the beach to take each of our first steps into the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea. Surin Beach is gorgeous and the water is warm. Instead of leaving the beach for food, the restaurants come to you as the back of the beach is lined with restaurants, beach clubs, massage parlors, tailors, and other vendors from one end to the other.

We ate at the dirtiest Thai food place we found on the beach, which turned out to be a mistake as we were all a bit sick that night. Maybe we’ll go upscale tomorrow.

View of our beach

Girls at the beach - love this picture

View of our beach


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