Phuket With The Choos

Emily swimming

Hinckley and Choo

Ebey relaxing in the water

Lunch with the Choos

All Enjoying a Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Our friends from Singapore (KC and Tze Huang Choo) flew up to meet us in Phuket today. We spent some time at the pool and the beach then took advantage of their car to go to Phuket City, an inland mess of close to 100,000 people with no road signs and landmarks anywhere–easy to drive around in circles all day. Lunch was awesome and afterward all seven of us went for a classic one hour Thai foot massage hosted by Mr. Choo. This was quite an experience. Hinckley was so funny cracking jokes and staying wide awake while the rest of us slept most of the time. At lunch, Kathryn accidentally ate a tiny pepper from her Tom Yum Gauw Soup that immediately sent her into a panic. She has a lot of composure and toughness, so when I saw her slightly panicked I knew she really was in trouble. Fortunately, she felt it immediately and didn’t swallow it, but her lips were numb and puffy for a good hour afterward.

KC and I have become great travel partners. We’ve now done Bangkok, Chiang Rai (further north than Chiang Mai), Phuket, Singapore, and Malaysia together). His son Choo and I can add Japan to that list. Whenever I step foot in Asia they show their Chinese hospitality (something we Westerners can’t relate to) to make sure everything is perfect for the trip. They’ve really been great friends.

On the meandering drive from Phuket City to the famed Patong Beach Hinckley had to go the bathroom—and quick. KC pulled over to a roadside house and made Choo get out with Kathryn and Hinckley to ask to use the bathroom. KC simply said, “Thai people are usually very nice.” Of course, they obliged and Kathryn and Hinckley took off their shoes and entered the Thai home for Hinckley’s first experience in the traditional Eastern-style toilet—if you can call it that. KC laughed on their return and said, “What a great experience”–he wasn’t the three-year-old squatting in a Thai stranger’s house trying to pee into a whole in the ground.

Patong Beach

Patong beach

Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Drinks and ice cream at Mc Donalds

Patong Beach is pure madness with probably thousands of vendors along a long stretch of gorgeous beach. The whole town is alive, and it apparently gets crazy at night. This is where partiers come for a good time in Phuket–not the ideal place for a young family, but fun to walk through and feel the energy for an hour or two.

We had a drink at McDonalds and grabbed a rack of ribs on the beach from a vendor. We looked into prices for a few crafts and felt even better about the negotiating we did up in Chiang Mai. One item we bought in Chiang Mai for 550 Baht was offered to us for 1800 Baht here.


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  1. Rus Berrett
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 07:22:15

    The McRib wasn’t available?


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